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"you won't get tired of my voice...will you?"

Toy Chica

Toy Chica is the toy counterpart of the now broken Chica and appears in Fnaf 2 as an antagonist from the same game. She was dismantled after the events of this games. She makes her comeback in UCN along with the rest of the Toy animatronics. She is one of 50 selectable animatronics you can choose for the night. She also stars in one of the intermission called Toy Chica: The Highschool Years.

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  • Before patch 1.023, the bib she wore when she was in the office was backward
  • Multiple lines she has in the game makes a lot of references to Fnaf 2 and World. For example, the line "You won't get tired of my voice" is from a Fnaf World update called Foxy Fighters, which is also a reference to Star Fox. The beak lodged in your forehead's line is linked to the bite of '87.
  • The intermissions she has can also be a reference to the way William Afton lured his victims to their death

Death Quote

The jumpscare noise she shared with the other Fnaf 2 characters