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Toy Bonnie is a protagonist within Five Nights At Freddy's 2. He seemingly is the replacement for the indigenous animatronic, Bonnie Bunny. Toy Bonnie is the Sixth Selectable Character in the Ultimate Custom Night Selection Menu, alongside the other Toy Animatronics.


Put on your Freddy Fazbear mask quickly when he sneaks into your room to fool him and make him go away

Toy Bonnie will occasionally creep into your office from a trapdoor hidden in the office. Use the Freddy Fazbear Mask to peculiarity motivate himself to believe the player is Freddy Fazbear. Astonishingly, his mechanic is oddly-similar to his mechanic in the original games.


  • Surprisingly, his foolness to the Freddy-Fazbear-Mask is similar to his actions in the original-game.
  • Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica both have the same mechanics, both being fooled by the Fazbear-Mask.
  • Toy-Bonnie has a voice in Five Nights At Freddy's Augmented Reality, but implies no-voice in Ultimate Custom Night.
  • While the other replacements have the same accents to their original counterparts (Excluding Mangle) Toy Bonnie has Cerulean/Aquamarine accents, unlike Lavender/Mauve accents.