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Nightmare Freddy is the nightmarish version of the original Freddy from the mind of the Crying Child. He and the rest of the Nightmare animatronics are nothing but nightmare from the young boy. He reappears in UCN except he is real to the player. He still uses the same mechanics from his original game

Menu Description

"When the Freddles begin to accumulate in your office, shine your flashlight on them before Freddy appears!"


  • You can see one of the Freddles on the right side of his chest during the jumpscare
  • His design is based on a nightmarish version of the withered Freddy before the withering

Death Quote

The noise the Freddles can make when they are in the office

The jumpscare sound he makes that he shares with the Fnaf 4 characters

"No light can save you now."

"I have always been hiding in your shadow."

"What a gift to relish: a victim that can't perish."

"I am given flesh to be your tormentor."

"I am remade, but not by you. By the one you should not have killed."