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What a party pooper!

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Golden Freddy
Goldenfreddy mugshot.png
Golden Freddy's mugshot in the character selection screen.
Species Bear
Color(s) Yellow/Gold
Gender Male
Game Five Nights at Freddy's
In-game Information
Role Antagonist
Starting Location The Office
Mechanic Mask/Camera
Voice Actor {{{actor}}}

Golden Freddy is an animatronic who first appeared in Five Nights at Freddy's. He is one of the selectable characters in Ultimate Custom Night.

Menu Description

He will occasionally appear in your office. Throw on your Freddy mask or pull up your monitor quickly to cause him to disappear.


Golden Freddy will randomly appear in the office after the monitor flips down. The player must quickly pull up the monitor or put on the Freddy mask when he appears in order to avoid his jumpscare.

If Golden Freddy is the only animatronic selected, and he is set to level 1, there is a way to trigger an easter egg. The player must collect 10 coins and buy a death coin. If everything has been done correctly, there will be a top hat on the desk. The player must then use the death coin on Golden Freddy to trigger a jumpscare from Fredbear instead of Golden Freddy.

Death Quotes

Golden Freddy does not have death quotes, but Fredbear does. These are his death quotes. They are heavily pitched down, and these are common interpretations of them.

Be sure to come back soon.
There's more fantasy and fun where I came from.
Let's find a suit that's right for you.

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